Golden Bear Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Cente4r | Celebrating 35 Years of Quality Care

The Benefits of Golden Bear Physical Therapy


Golden Bear Physical Therapy uses specially designed exercises and treatments to help patients regain or improve their physical functions and abilities. We have practiced quality care for over 35 years and continue to see high patient satisfaction and excellent results due to:

  • Thorough initial evaluations and assessments.
  • Individualized patient programs.
  • Services provided by licensed Physical Therapists emphasizing hands-on therapy.
  • Emphasis on functional rehabilitation and outcomes.
  • Home Program development.
  • Unparalleled patient education.
  • A professional, clean environment.
  • Therapist commitment to ongoing professional education.

Golden Bear Physical Therapy promotes healing and aims to improve our patients' functional mobility, prevent disability and increase strength. Our main objective is for our patients to achieve freedom from pain, have an independent living, and to have an understanding of how to prevent injury.