What People Are Saying About Us....

"I have been sending patients to Golden Bear for 20 years. The personal attention they receive, the caring, hands-on approach to rehabilitation, and the compassionate and through attitude of the staff is reflected with the superior results they consistently achieve. The entire staff at Golden Bear fosters a positive attitude for patients that not only motivates them to work hard at their rehabilitation; it also makes hard work fun. When my orthopedic patients really need physical therapy, this is where they go."

- Michael Purnell, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon OrthoMed Center, Modesto

"My quality of life is better. I can move my head to both sides very easily. Before, I couldn't move my head to the left. My pain is 90% gone - the rest is bearable and very minor. The personnel make you want to show up."

- Raymond Glow, Satisfied Patient

"When I first came in, I had no balance or flexibility in left ankle. With the great help of my physical therapist, I have improved a lot of my balance and flexibility throughout my 3 weeks here. It is remarkable what this lady can get you to do. She has been a great inspiration to me here. She has helped me to exceed my goals in this portion of my physical therapy and guided me to a new direction for my future goals to recovery. Thank you for all of your support and help."

- Margaret Harris, Satisfied Patient

"My back pain has almost completely diminished. I have been shown some great exercises and taught how to do the properly! I am building up core area. We also worked on pain in hip area on right side!"

- Kim Stroud, Satisfied Patient

"My experience with Golden Bear Physical Therapy has been wonderful. Everyone is always willing to help, and when I have questions, they are always answered. It is a professional and upbeat environment. I always look forward to my appointments. They always ask how you are doing and how you are feeling. They are genuinely concerned about how you are healing and improving. Brandon Nan is my physical therapist; I have found him to be very thorough in my recovery. He always addresses my problem (ACL injury) and helps control my pain. He has set up a great strength training program that I feel I am greatly benefitting from. Sam, my physical therapy aide, is great and always so helpful. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my care."

- Quaccia Janine, Satisfied Patient